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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Even if they were, they'd just take out California. No big loss.

I think hitting Hawaii or Alaska are definitely within their capabilities, but I agree that our allies South Korea and Japan are in much greater danger than we are.
I concure with Hawaii. I dont think there is any way the North Koreans could hit the Eastern Seaboard, which, to be blunt, is what any enemy of the US would need to do imediately to stand a chance of scattering the Administration. The main reason they cant do this is because Starwars covers everything over Europe, Northern Africa, and probably Russia. Your ideal targets would obviously be Washington DC and New York.

The Western Seaboard could probably be reached, but apart from blunt force trauma in terms of casualties...I dont really see how attacking Los Angeles or San Fransisco would serve any advantage, unless you could also reach Washington and New York.

Hawaii however is only half the distance away. Whilst there maybe nothing of significance on Hawaii, its a stepping stone which would be very exposed to land invasion. It also sitting atop highly volitile ground. You wouldnt really want to fire nukes at Hawaii because its ontop of an active chain of volcano...just like you wouldnt want to fire nukes at San Fransisco because you risk triggering much larger issues if you crack the fault line.

...or maybe...if you've got nothing to looose, thats exactly what you do...I dont know.

I do know from a bit of minor research that Japan feels FAR to close for comfort
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