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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
what exactly did they say?
Cub Swanson couldnt get his story straight Vs what he did, or did not say, about Jens Pulver when their fight was delayed in WEC...when it happened he got smushed

I think Rose just got board of my correspondance with Javier, he seemed alright, but eventually she told me that she wouldnt let him see what I wrote no more

Matt Riddle came across my predictions video which was on my myspace profile. First off, I am never rude compared to most of the online predictors, secondly, I dont send my predictions videos to the fighters I predict will fail, coz I consider that mean. However, I DO post it on forums, and profiles. I had him as a friend, and he took exception to the fact I'd said I thought the other person would win. He wrote me an expletive filled rant, including some rather nasty namecalling....I told him there was no need to be rude and deleted him....incase your wondering, I was right on my fight prediction

You know, I think there are a few fighters who are aware of me, but dont want to talk to me, and thats fine. If I send them a correspondance and they dont reply, well fair enough, maybe they are actively ignoring me, maybe they are too busy, they cant have time to respond to everyone. Some fighters are okay with private correspondance but perfer not to engage in a public arena and they have said so, and thats fine aswell. One should respect other peoples right to privacy and allow correspondance to flow in a manner that isnt going to cause unease or distress. The vast majority, chose to respond, briefly, but they probably respond to thousands, and probably havent a clue who I am....and then there are the odd few, who at a meet and greet in person will say "I know you...your the one who sends me videos" That caught me by suprise when that happened infront of hundreds of people at UFC 120 fan expo Whats more embarissing is when a fighter you dont recognise, recognises you..thats happened to me before aswell Mixed Martial Arts is THE most accessable sport in the world. Its NOT hard to talk to these fighters, its NOT hard to talk to the people that run the gyms, its not hard to arrange visits for journalistic, or even just ethnographic reasons...I've done so at FOUR specialized MMA gyms, and THREE different localized promotions.

MOST fighters are nice people, but those who are not deserve scorn because their job is basic retail...and WE are the customers. OUR money keeps the UFC afloat, and that pays their wages...if they become famous its as much because people want to see their tallent as the fact they have that tallent (or in some cases they dont have the tallent and people will still pay to see them) They are entertainment for the Mob...and WE are the Mob.

I have never been one to keep stum on injustice or wrong-doing. I believe in being professional, but I believe in being truthful more. They are in the public domain so they can expect to be commented on...that is the trade off for the perks of fame. Everyone who is employed knows that some aspects of their job are good, and some are bad...for most it boils down to receiving payment...for a select few, they actually get to do what they really enjoy in life AND get paid for it....for those people, the trade off is I suppose a level of constant harrasement by the public, which can be a double-edged day the mob love you, the next they hate you

As the song below explains

not, that GSP always springs to mind when I hear this at all
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