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Originally Posted by Liddellfan View Post
You don't need to get all up in your feelings all the time because a fighter doesn't want to have a romance over the computer via. facebook or any internet social site. Don't take things personally all the time.

I dont tollerate rudeness and I dont tollerate name-calling. I have corresponded with many fighters, and whilst most are brief, most are also friendly, civil and courteous....and so they should be...without the interest of the General Public, their job would be reduced to a non income based hobby.

But there are a few who have been unreasonably rude, who think its perfectly acceptable to swear and call me names for no good reason at all. They are imature, and they deserve the negative press I wont shy away from heaping upon them.

To me, Matt Riddle is in the same boat as Cub Swanson and Javier Vasquez (and Rose, who I presume was/is his bit on the side) all were unwarrentfully rude and have insulted me personally in correspondance. If you cant say anything nice, you shouldnt say anything at all. its not hard to ignore someone you dont want to converse with, if thats the reason you fancy being rude.
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