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Originally Posted by flo View Post
OMG, a gardening thread!!!!!!!! Did I tell you how much I love you, Dave? I have 700+ pictures of my plants in the garden file.

That is a nifty little greenhouse for starting seeds. I speeded the video up even more ;-) I don't have a greenhouse, but I've got the tender plants that have to be schlepped inside every winter down to 4. Good for you to try some propagation.

Neez's greenhouse is amazing, where does she find the time?!?

I will limit myself to 2 pictures, the foliage and blossoms of Trachystemon orientalis, more commonly known as Russian borage. The leaves are huge and fuzzy, the unusual flowers bloom just as the leaves start to emerge. Last fall I divided the mother plant into about a dozen new starts so now it's scattered throughout my different garden areas.
I'm not into gardening but I saw an interesting documentary on Netflix streaming called The Botany of Desire. It is about how human desires for beauty, sweetness, euphoria, etc. have altered plant life over the centuries. It focused on four plants - tulips, potatoes, marijuana, and apples. You might enjoy the part about tulips and the Dutch "tulipomania" economic bubble of the 1630's. They went into some depth about the Semper Augustus tulip variation. I recommend the documentary.

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