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I cant believe that anyone caught cheating manages to keep their job...The UFC once again show favour to some and distates for others.

However, I personally wont shed a tear for Matt Riddle. I dont like him, and he made it perfectly clear that he doesnt like me neither. He's rude and personally whilst I cant condone the fact the UFC doesnt play fair with its dismissal procedures and its employees...I can say that I think it serves him right.

IMHO if you are caught cheating then it should be Gross misconduct, and you should be dismissed, unless you of course are innocent and want to fight your cause via an appeal at disciplinary level al la Sean Sherk...who...incidently seems to have dropped off the face of the earth...has he died or something...I've not heard anything about him in...YEARS??

I also dont believe in medical warrents for illegal drugs. Particularly as that drug is a pain medication, and there are more effective pain medications now which are not illegal.

I do however know that I am highly allergic to that plant...and the fumes are toxic When I was in my first year of University about 12 years ago, for a time we had this guy stay on our corridor in halls. His room was practically blue, he just inhaled the smoke non stop, it was like some kinda incence was burning....I lived in the room opposite him...and I began to break out in hives....We got him ejected from halls after about two weeks...and as soon as he had gone and the room was ventilated...the hives dissapeared.

Whilst I have never come into contact with the plant in its natural form, I imagine that physical contact would probably result in the same form of allergic reaction.

I have a similar reaction to the skin of peaches...just the skin...not the flesh...and thats FAR more extreme, but far quicker in its correction.
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