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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
I do not think that China would tollerate it, and I do not believe that it could be successful with the US Starwars programme in action.
I absolutely agree that China would probably be the first country to go after North Korea if they launched a nuclear missile at the US.

However, the North Korean military is not to be underestimated. The war with South Korea never actually ended, so every North Korean born within the last 60 years has grown up preparing for this war. In some ways, they are probably more well-trained than the US military. When an army has nothing to lose and everything to gain, then they are almost unstoppable.

Of course, the South Korean army is no slouch either. Those guys train more intensely than the US soldiers and they take it much more seriously. Because if the fighting breaks out again, their families, their homes and everything that they hold dear will be in danger. If anything keeps the American troops over there from getting slaughtered within the first few days of a North Korean invasion, it will be the South Korean army.

One example that I read about while I was over there: There was a hill that the South Korean army held during the war and the North Koreans poured everything they could into taking it. The North Koreans bombarded the hill with so much artillery that, over the course of 3 days, they lowered the elevation of the entire hill by 1500 feet. However, the South Koreans retained possession of the hill and never surrendered to the North.

That's how tough the Korean military is.
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