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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Good for you! I think it's good for the soul to splurge on yourself every once in a while.
Its my Birthday on I've shrugged it off as my Birthday Treat Trip

Here are some photographs for those who dont want to bother with the video

Ezekiel my Lovebird, is a White headed Blue Love bird...its rather uncomon colouring, and whilst that would usually make him more this instance, if you aint got a peach faced love bird, noone cares, so he was cheaper...I only saw one pair of peach faced, and they had already been bought...noone wants to sell peachfaced lovebirds because they are in such demand

Jeremiah is also a White headed Blue, but as you can reality, he's almost completely white. The problem with Lovebirds is that out of almost all the Parakeets...Love Birds are the hardest to sex. The only way to tell is to either be present when the eggs are laid, or to do DNA testing.. Who knows if they are male and female, male and male, or female and female? I dont really care

Sergio my Male Owl Finch, they have another name, but the Owl finch tag stuck because they litterally make owl noises...its got to be heard to be believed

Suzzie is my Female Owl Finch...its funny because Owl Finches are not that common and every time I arrived at a stall which sold them, this stupid old guy...the same one, was always already there and buying them all so finally when there were two stalls next to each other I knew I had to buy the ones that were on the stall he didnt go to...or never get them...I ended up then paying slightly more for the pair then the going rate as the guy went for the cheaper of the two stalls

Louis...aka "The King" is a red factor canary. I bought him because he was to cheap to be real. He's got issues. Firstly, he had spacial awareness issues, in human terms, he's clumsy and a bit thick. He's the only bird yet to learn to go into the shed when its dark. Secondly his feet are in bad condition, I am unsure if he has mites or if the skin is just badly discoloured. Thirdly...He was a Male that couldnt sing. He had one simple trill phrase which was monotone and sounded like a tin whistle...NOT KIDDING...but...after two other Canaries have taught him to sing...I've never seen anything like it, one canary stands one side and sings a phrase, the other canary stands the other side and sings a slight variation of the same phrase starting just prior to the firsts ceasation, and the ping pong back and forth, then they move closer, and get really close, and Jojo even breaks down the phrases and tries to get Louis to repeat after him, getting close shows The King how to position the beak and stuff...its fascinating

My current section leader at work is called Ali I HAD to get a Java and call it Ali Sparrow If you look closly at his foot you will see he has a deformed toe that points up and not down.

Denise the Java Sparrow is the same, but without the bum foot. Of course...I might have got the genders mixed up....coz I've seen Denise Sing...but havent seen Ali Sing yet...never mind though

I've called this Diamond Dove...Love

Not to be confused with Peace, who has a red head Diamond Doves are a bit like anemic Quail, in that neither of these Birds actually DO anything. Quail spend their entire live bouncing on the ground...and Daimond Doves simply sit and coo

Tiffany the Quail

Dhiego The he was born disabled. One of his eyes has been fully formed, and even blinks UNDERNIETH a layer of skin that has feathers growing out of it. I think he can see through the semi transparent layer of skin, just, not as well. You might say he's partially sighted in one eye
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