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Originally Posted by flo View Post
That's awesome, sounds like one of my plant buying sprees! You must be on cloud 9, Dave.

I AM!! I spent all my bonus and then some I am NOT usually a big spender it has to be said...the odd 20 or 30 here and there....but my Sisters when they went out on a night would spend that much on drinks.

Well...Inclusive of Travel and refreshment for the day...I probably spent between 250-300 I am pleased to say 188 was my Anual Bonus...which is probably about the amount I spent on the birds....and I didnt enter my Savings this month...thats a further dont feel I spent beyond my means....but...I've NEVER spent so much in one go on material belongings before...the last time I spent this much would be on my Extended Weekends Blackpool in 2010 or Lincoln in 2011....or possibly the Trip to UFC 120 in London if you include the tickets to the events.

This time...I went nowhere...I just bought Birds
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