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The UFC, just like every sports league, is going to decide who they keep based on four factors.

1. how good is the person at the sport they play
2. how much money they make
3. how much stress do they cause their organization
4. how much money they make the organization

If your pros outweigh your cons you keep your job, if not you are gone. Thats the way it works in sports. Sports is not the same as other jobs, I'm never going to walk into my job and been told I've been traded to another company. In most cases a top 5 guy in their weight class is safe, aside from that a loos could get you cut. It's not as though fighters don't know this, I woudl bet that if you asked every fighter that was cut if they went into their last fight thinking there job might be on the line they would say yes.

^this is what perfection looks like
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