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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I agree with that to an extent. A woman should never be physically attacked by a man unless it is a wartime situation and she is a combatant (something that I strongly disagree with, but unfortunately it's a reality), or the woman is in the process of committing a violent crime and the only way to stop her is to physically take her down.
Well...the first one would present me with a bit of a conflict of interest I suppose.

The second one is fine for me...someone committing a serious violent crime, is not a citizen, but a criminal...they have the rights ascribed to them by law, and by breaching that law they can devoid themselves of the vast majority of them...a Criminal, is a Criminal regardless of gender...though again, the only opportunity to physically prevent a women criminal would be at the moment of the crime...I dont advocate it after conviction...

I cant help that I have been raised with rather a victorian view on stems from when I was a child...I remember eating a cadburys creme egg...and my Sister Tiffany stole that egg from me...and I hit her, in order to reaquire the egg....and Mother turned into such a monster...I was told under no circumstances was I EVER to strike a woman!

She gave me a beating to drive the point home
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