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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
There's a big difference between our government (that is supposed to work for us) and an employer who we work for.
You should have Rights under BOTH...because you may need protecting from both

We should always strive to treat people in the correct manner...You act like a person employed by a company is the property of the the Employers OWN the workers...which in modern day society they are not supposed to do...but even if they did...think about people who own living Children, or Animals....Just because you own them and are in charge of them doesnt mean you should mistreat them...infact they are a burden....for they do not feed themselves, pay for themselves...that means you not only own them, but have responsibilities because of that ownership.

I am advocating the same for employers. They own their workers...that also means they have responsibilities towards how they are treated.
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