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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Dave: Why do you fail to grasp the reality of who goes/stays?

It's really pretty simple. If a fighter can make money for the UFC, he stays. If the UFC will lose money on him, he goes.

Sell tickets, whether by winning, talking crap, being exciting, etc. and you'll keep your job. If you're boring and people don't want to pay to watch you fight, you're gone.

UFC is a business and when it comes to MMA, they do it best. Don't expect them to change because of some guideline you think they should follow.
My interest is in how multi-million pound At Will Employers treat their Employees.

What I cant understand is why, one moment you shout about your rights as individuals to own firearms...and the next moment are absolutely fine with multi-million pound companies treating people like they are worthless and not affording them any rights to protect their livelihoods

The Joke is...I feel with all the British Employment laws...we are still effectively much worse must it be for thousands of Americans employed in an at will manner

From the sounds of voluntarily give up your rights to sign away your life to the few filthy rich people at the top who dont actually give a damn about you....only what you can do for them...and the moment they think you are no longer of use to them...they discard you.

Its funny...but the truth is, our cultures actually dont change underneith at all, they simply pretend to be civilized. They snort and scoff at primative culture for being barbaric...when the truth is, minus the actual swift killing...they are just as bad...if not least the Great Empires and Republics of old, didnt pretend to be liberators...and did not shy away from slave labour.

You have to understand, I am not against the ideal of slavory, I have no problem with a issue is the treatment of the workers by those at the top of the heirachy...and my issue is equally with people who think that because it is so prevelent, it isnt a problem, and there is nothing that can be done about it.

The problem is a lot of people are apathetic, and the rest are actually extremely well trained, if bondage is all you have ever known and been used to, why would you aspire to change that. You would know your role, and act accordingly.

Thankfully I am in a position where I CAN speak out against organisations who would mistreat those who belong to them, well at least in the case of the least I do it should here what other Britons are saying about the UFC and its management right now some of their langauge would make Dana White himself blush
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