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Originally Posted by gnp View Post
yes at attempt number 4 costing his employer fifty grand in the process, can they afford it? sure without blinking. Should they have to incur these costs because some idiot cant show up to contractual commitments? no not at all they should start taking the costs of his purse I guarantee he would show up then.
I agree that he should just do it and the UFC shouldn't have to deal with this. But he did finally do it and things are fine.

Nick suffers from some mental issues including anxiety, do any of us know how that feels to him? Heck, even Nate has issues talking to the public and doing interviews. I know that it is part of the job, but I would imagine that this is all a nightmare for Nick.

Who knows what caused all of this, I am just glad he did what he had to and the fight will happen.
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