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Originally Posted by flo View Post
It's not a few, it's a LOT of people! And I don't consider people like my husband and me "failures" because we don't earn a million dollars :-)

I think you just like to stir the pot. Anyone here has the opportunity, if they're willing to work hard for it.
its not just working hard for it though...its luck as much as hard work...because you could be the hardest worker in the world, and get a bum deal from your at will employer...Some of those guys the UFC cut, work harder, I KNOW, then some who remain on the roster.

My whole argument is that its NOT about hard work and accomplishment with the UFC...its about who they favour and like and who they protect...NOT about who is the Elite or most hard working fighters.

...and for the record...I dont think you are a failure NOONE who can grow Gardens like yours could ever be considered a failure, or be accused of not being hard working...I dont know about your actual job...but I do know about Gardening...I know I put a shed load of effort in and there is no way in Hell I would EVER manage to create something like what you've done...I remember when you showed me something about laying those bricks around a bed or something...and I thought...I wish I could do that now assuming you put as much effort into your work as you would do that (which is a fair assumption coz you tend to find, hard workers, are hardworkers at anything they do...lazy people, and lazy at everything) you probably dont have a million quid because your employer probably under values you...I expect I would see what you were doing and say your employer hasnt rewarded you for what you've done properly either.

I would give you a million pounds...but...I dont have a million pounds either...I am actually in a real low paying job, considering I am a graduate I am working on changing that, but it takes time...and any job is better then no job in a recession.
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