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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
I thought America was about Freedoms and Rights for all men (including those employed) and a land where all men were created equal (Including those who run multimillion pound companies) with a people that believed in Democrasy (to hold those liable to produce Tyrany if left unchecked to account) and the abolition of autocratic mechanisms (like At Will Employers, and a lack of Unions) in order that justice (like having one rule for all, rather then so many execeptions you have two rules) and peace prevail.

We are about freedoms and rights, including the freedom of employers to hire and fire who they want. We are a republic with an economic system based on capitalism. We love millionaires (those of us who aren't socialists, that is) and are proud that we have a system where everyone has a fair shot at becoming a millionaire. In our capitalist republic, that is a success story.
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