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1) I think they should have a rule. One Rule, practised over all. You wouldnt tollerate this from a Government would you??? Why tollerate it from any company? Just because it belongs to someone, doesnt give them the right to treat their employees badly....or are you fine with coorperate slaves? You dont want to be slaves to your Government...but your fine being a Slave to your Employer? (I mean...where they act in a morally bankrupt way, obviously)
Unfortunately their methods of running a company are successful from a financial standpoint which to them is the most important. Remember, UFC is a business and not a sport.

I used to work for a company where I didn't feel that they treated people very well. I left on my own rather than risk getting fired because walking on egg shells waiting to get let go wasn't worth it. You never know what criteria they were going to use ie. age, performance, ect. It was the best decision that I ever made. The point is, businesses will operate however they want as long as they are within the law. The UFC is no different and not breaking any laws.

Morals and ethics are thrown out the window for most businesses, they are in it for financial purposes, not to be humane and employ people. That's just how it can wish they actually cared, but they don't. I presume it is like this almost everywhere or there are companies like this everywhere. Unfortunately you just have to build a bridge and get over it!

2) of course you did...and there is an argument that says Dana White is doing this to try and limit the number of decisions on a card, and just to shake up those who think any loss is good. But if thats true he still did it at the expense of people who didnt deserve to be Cut.
Deserving is in the eye of the beholder and based on any criteria that you want to use. The UFC obviously had a reason to cut these fighters and they cut fighters all the time. This is only a big deal to everyone because one big name was on there. I am not going to argue 'deserving' because there is no cut and dry answer and I am completely ok with there not being one. This is where you and I will always be different, and that is ok too.

3) You mean he is a Favourite Thats the problem with at will employers...its bribes and corruption isnt it. if your face fits...if your a "Yes" Man as we put it in England. If you suck up to those in power, and kiss enough ass
He may be well liked by the UFC, but again he has a large fan base and another group, me included, that will pay to see him get his a$$ kicked! The UFC knows this and should gain from it, unless they can project him not being worth it which I think he is getting closer to, but not yet.

4) Oh...I'm sorry, I thought we were talking about clearing the Roster for the elite fighters...not keeping a bunch of "names" Without order there is chaos. For business purposes, you have to be prepared to fire those who are not the elite, or else you arent the "Ultimate" fighting Championships are you?
But us, as a fan and friend of some fighters, have to realize that some of our favorites are not 'Ultimate' either. They were given an opportunity to showcase their skills and unfortunately they are not 'Ultimate' at this time. Maybe they were and that is keeping them around, and I am ok with that. They have earned a little leeway.

5) Dana White has made it clear that BJ Penn should resign and never fight again. That is exactly the same thing. He is offering Penn a way out that would save the embarissment of being forceably removed, by getting him to remove himself. They've done it with Chuck Liddell...and they've done it with Matt Hughes...Dana White made no silence in saying he wanted both to permanently retire..nothing left to proove, etc...and they will do it, no doubt this year to Rich Franklin aswell...I suspect that W.Silva, should he loose his fight next week will jump before he is pushed. He may not expect that level of courtesy from the UFC but cant see him waiting for them...its a phrase known as "falling on ones sword"

Who knows what will happen to Rashad Evans...and frankly...
The point is, if they have lost 2 or 3 in a row and whether they are at the end of their careers or not, why should they get to leave graciously when others don't get to? Your side seems to be: everyone treated the same, no favorites. Am I right?

6) If they dont cut him, they are hypocrits, who lie about wanting only the elite, and just want to keep their friends.
They aren't being hypocrites, you cannot look at each situation or fighter the same. If that were the case, why is Ian McCall still around? He is still there because he busts his a$$ every fight and because there are so few fighters in the 125 pound division. There are some divisions have a ton of fighters many more than are needed, why is it so wrong to get rid of some and let them go pursue other opportunities when there just aren't any in the UFC right now.

7) Well, they actually moved him from the UFC to the WEC because they couldnt justify him being in the UFC no more. I think during the WEC tenure something was going on with Jens...I'm still certain that he deliberately, for some reason held back in fighting Urijah Faber, I remember discussing that possibility with Jacob Hey at UFC 85 not long after. Jens is a special case even for the UFC because of the whole lower weight class...essentially, the Legacy of Jens Pulver is that you have 155lb fighters, and 145lbs and 135lbs and maybe eventually 125lbs divisions.

I wonder whether they actually trust him though, because they could have used him further and chose not to..I think they feel he might be a loose cannon. The commentating job was absolutely made for him, and they dithered and then never bothered...and they do him a dis-service by putting Mask in the hall of fame and not him.
I may be wrong, but I believe Jens chose to leave to go fight at 145 pounds. Still, he won 1 fight under Zuffa since he returned. I love Jens and I love watching him fight, but how he didn't get cut sooner is beyond me. Obviously he is a favorite of Zuffa, is that ok?

Businesses that are operating in sports are run entirely different than you want them to. That is a reality. I know that this is not a business, per se, but is it fair for the England national team to cut David Beckham who is still fit to play? Afterall, this would be like firing him and your country seems to have a right to employment. And these guys do get paid to play on this team. Is it possible that this is looked at as an 'honor' to play on that team? Can't it be an honor to fight in the UFC and not a right?
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