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Default Womens MMA...for or against?

You know, for a very long time I've been Anti-Womens MMA...or at least anti-the viewing of it. I wasnt so bothered that Women trained and competed so much as not really wanting to see it

This was decided upon by two reasons...first its against my etiquette. I have been bought up to believe that there are ways of treating women, and ways not to treat them. I would not enjoy the watching of womens MMA any more then I suppose I would enjoy women strippers....because as far as im concerned, they shouldnt be treated in that manner by the people watching them, it tarnishes them and makes them....well...dirty I suppose.

The second reason was, in all my study of the roman games, Which I strongly believe is a true representation of combat sport...more so, I believe then the Greek Olympics, which is what, one presumes, unarmed combat for sport was based on (bear in mind that Rome specialized in armed combat more then unarmed combat...but did both) I had not heard of Women taking part, outside of the obvious reconstructions, nor, really as mass state sponcered death sentances for prisoners of war.

Like the UFC have different weight divisions for fighters, and whilst fighters have different skill sets which ranks them into types...a Striker, for example, may be well rounded...but as a type you know he will do and act a certain way...well so the Roman Gladiators were sorted by Type, depending on what specialisms they had, and where their skills lay...and sometimes, their size aswell. In all those types I had never come across a "type" for Females.

Now...lets me explain something...aproximately 50 percent of Roman Gladiators were fighters of choice, it was, as is now, a Career option for Romans. Though in order to take part, one who was of high nobility would still have to go into a Ludus and still have to train as if they were a slave, because by definition, a Ludus is a stable owned by whoever has funded its set up. A lot of these men were ex-forces....but some, were simply men who wanted to fight...and it was of this level that I discovered on some research that women DID take part.

It was dreadfully frowned upon though. So much so, that there were bans put out to stop women of reasonable class taking part, even if they were technically free to choose it as a career choice. The reason for this, not suprisingly, was the same reason as my initial revoltion...Women shouldnt be doing that sort of thing...why would they even want to? The writers, who were the basic journalists of the day were not pleasent about them:

"What sense of shame can be found in a woman wearing a helmet, who shuns femininity and loves brute force....If an auction is held of your wife's effects, how proud you will be of her belt and arm-pads and plumes, and her half-length left-leg shin-guard! Or, if instead, she prefers a different form of combat how pleased you'll be when the girl of your heart sells off her greaves!....Hear her grunt while she practises thrusts as shown by the trainer, wilting under the weight of the helmet."

So...I feel justified in saying that I dont acknowledge womens MMA....and whilst I personally, have no problem with women training and partaking in it because I respect that they may want to do that, and they have free choice to do that...I do not want to watch it...and so I shall not acknowledge the women on the UFC I didnt in my predictions or recap video for this event. I certainly do not believe they are worth sacrificing good men for... is interesting to think that were you a Roman, who invested in female slaves to train as would be paying about 6K Denarii for one....whereas for a baseline figure on a male...your looking around 500 Denarii

to give you an denarii is about $20...or 15

You do the maths because I havent a calculator handy.

Now...I'd love to know what others think as I dont reckon we've ever truely talked about it on this forum
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