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One Rule for One person...another Rule for another person
It looks that way, but there isn't a rule at all. They do what they want without any guidelines, hence why you are upset. If they had structure in how they cut people we wouldn't be talking about it.

If they are serious about what they said...they MUST act....if they dont, then its proof that what they are doing is protecting people they like, and getting rid of people they dont like.
I read more into the "be exciting and fight you a$$ off" than "if you lost x in a row you are gone".

I hate to even defend Kos, but he is in a way that "company man". He stepped in on short notice to fight Hughes and has offered to do that on several occasions. I am sure that these actions sit well with the company.

You Supported Max in what he said about those guys being cut because they were not top contenders, and possibily (though he assumed probably) never would be. Will Josh Koscheck ever be Champion? I'd say there is a 90 percent Chance that Josh Koscheck will NEVER be a UFC Champion. What does he have to offer them? His mouth? His smack? Is this about fighting...or about talking? fine if you can back your mouth up with your fists...but the only fists backing anything up...were Lawlers against Koschecks head.
I did support Max, but I am not about to make it a guideline for every instance. By your logic, lets look at some guys that are on losing streaks that should be gone:

- Rashad Evans - lost last 2, likely not going to be champ again.
- Rich Franklin - 2-2 in last 4, likely not going to be champ again.
- Wanderlei Silva - 2-2 in last 4, likely not going to be champ.
- BJ Penn - 1-2-1 in last 4, likely will not be champ again.

Should these guys still be in the UFC based on their last few fights? They all should stay because they are well known names and people want to see them fight.

Applying the same logic that got the bag o brits sacked...Josh Koscheck must go also.

But...your right...they wont release him....and the descrepancy is what I find unfair, and why we have laws here to force insitutions to have standard practises that THEY can not diviate from. I knew it wouldnt take long for the UFC to prove my point entirely...I never expected it within the week.

They know what they must do if they want to show they are legitamate...noone will be fooled by them if they choose any other path.
What they have to decide is if the amount of money they have to pay Koscheck is worth it compared to what he does for them. And I would believe that he does still have some value.

Let me ask you this Dave and this is not trying to take a shot at your favorite fighter. Do you think Zuffa, as a whole, treated Jens well? They allowed him to stay around and lose 5 fights in a row without releasing him.
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