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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
1)it is still about who sells tickets, losses aren't everything,

2) an exciting loss is better than a fitch win, i am no koscheck fan, but i like seeing him get beat, and i do actually expect him to put up a decent fight most of the time, the ufc would be stupid to let him go and let someone else pick him up, kos will fight twice a year and do his part to hype a fight,

3) i hate him, i want him to fail, but business is business, and kos hasn't quite earned a pink slip yet, i hope the ufc uses him up and don't let him go till he is worthless,

4) i also highly doubt robbie would have been cut with a loss, robbie has a pretty decent following and record of exciting fights

just my 2 cents, i hear where you coming from, but just see the other side of the coin too
1) With Koscheck...I think its still all about The Ultimate Fighter...but nevermind

2) Koscheck cant beat Number One Contenders...Thiago Alves, a fail, johny Hendricks, a Fail....and he cant win a contendership himself...GSP, a Fail.

What use is he to an insitution if he's going to be just a gatekeeper? a way of telling who the contenders are...because its like we cant see them til they fell him anyway

3) He has more then merited a cut...if the UFC are prepared to cut people on two losses in a row. People who are equally as exciting, but simply less well known.

From a pure business perspective...I'm afraid to say That Josh Koscheck is almost entirely worthless now. He will never be champion, and appears to be on his way down.

Even I was suprised at what Lawler did. I am not immune to thinking that because someone is a mainstay they are always going to take a hefty amount to be beaten. I even said in my predictions video that I thought that Koscheck would have the upper hand the majority of the time, but that Lawler would be able to find a way to win at a push...Well Koscheck was no Manhoef was he.

The only appeasement required is Josh Koschecks head...and its over due now...and the UFC MUST after last night recognise that. They threatened Urijah Faber because he could win EVERY FIGHT EXCEPT for a Championship Match....but Josh Koscheck...he can get his head pummelled by a man they WOULD cast aside had he lost...and get diplomatic immunity??

Will he join the Golden Fails, on the bench of invincibility....Will he take his seat alongside Dan Hardy, Leonard Garcia, and Mac Danzig...or will the UFC take the sword and spill the blood they promised last week.

4) Its never been unusual for the UFC to get rid of a flop on the first night...the stable is so bloated, I bet they arent actually taking on new people without a win...although personally, I'd love for them to spare that Kuivanen chap
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