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Dennis Bermudez vs. Matt Grice

Round 1:
Bermudez ties up Grice and presses him against the fence. Grice turns him and fails on a takedown attempt, which results in Bermudez in mount after a hard whizzer. Grice eats a ton of shots, but gets out and lands a double of his own. Bermudez stands and now they two are jockeying along the fence. Grice lands a solid left hook. Bermudez reaches for a takedown and can't get it, but eats a right elbow and left hook. Hard right hand from Bermude and he's wobbled Grice a bit, now pressing him into the fence. Grice lands a one-two and then a monster left hook that drops Bermudez. Bermudez fires a kick, but Grice catches it and lands another right hook. Right-left-right charging punch combo lands for Grice before the final bell.

Round 2:
Another left hook from Grice finds the mark and Bermudez is trying to press him into the fence. They separate and Grice barely whiffs on a right hook. Stiff jab now by Grice. Bermudez pressing him into the fence. They break and Grice misses on a elbow, but lands a nice left hook. Bermudez presses Grice into the fence and lands a hard elbow over the top. Grice tries to run down a double, but can't get it. Grice tries again and Bermudez stuffs it and even tries to sit for an arm-in guillotine.

Round 3:
Bermudez lands an uppercut and drops Grice along the fence. Bermudez on top now in half guard and he's pounding on Grice. Grice is taking a beating, but manages to stand. Bermudez is teeing off on Grice and he's landing everything from leg kicks to punches to head kicks. Grice catches a kick and uses it to get off the fence and hang on to Bermudez. Monster right uppercut from Bermudez. Spinning back kick from Bermudez misses, but Bermudez is still all over him and lands another hard right hand. Grice is barely standing and Bermudez is doing everything he can to put him away. Left hand from Grice finds the mark. Bermudez throws a superman punch and it scores. Both are literally standing in the middle of the cage and trying to kill each other.

Dennis Bermudez def. Matt Grice via split decision (29-28 Grice, 29-28 Bermudez, 29-28 Bermudez).

OK, in my humble opinion this should have been a draw. The first 2 rounds were Grice's and the last 10-8. Wow, probably FOTN, Grice is a warrior!
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