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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post

1)I agree that they don't need half of them, but to just say that only the two finalists will make it is not right. As for the women, I am fine with them fighting in the UFC, but I don't want it to just be about Ronda.

2) Let's look at this from a different angle. What about the people that have to work at the event. A larger card means that they have to pay more fighters and pay more to workers, the venue, etc. This would likely raise ticket prices.

3) I believe that Dana appeases to the majority, which are likely the US fans. That is unfortunately the case for those outside the US, but to think that this dislike from other countries will lead to their demise just doesn't make sense.

4) I have said before that I have felt bad for the UK fans. I think you all get the crappiest cards when they decide to come to the UK. You all were lucky to get a title fight because most of the time it looks like a regional show with little to no non-UK fighters.

5) All businesses have their 'favorites'....this is nothing new. As for the rankings, it is all media that is creating them. They might as well let us do it as we have as many credentials as they do. There is no good way to do it without a bias and this will ultimately lead to more confusion than doing good. Get a new fan who sees Jon Jones take on unranked Chael Sonnen for the does that work?

6) I will never understand you expect them to respond to each and every person that contacts them? This and the internet nowadays, people think that they can have full access to the UFC and Dana. The way people act and treat others where they feel this sense of entitlement is crazy. I don't expect anything from any of them. I buy my ticket, I order the PPV, I buy the t-shirts. I don't expect a thank you or a response. I expect them to give me my money's worth and that is with the best fights that they can make.

Again, I appreciate and respect your passion for the sport.

7) Compared to you I am probably a is that relevant to this discussion. How has the UFC destroyed this forum? My only complaint about this forum is that at times people treat others with complete disrespect, but that is society not the UFC's fault. But that is the problem with likely all forums and twitter as well.

Here is a blog that I subscribe to of someone that wrote about something very similar today....take a look:

8) Would you rather have the UFC give a UK fighter 1 maybe 2 fights a year, paying him maybe $15,000 a fight, or give that fighter the opportunity to fight 4 times a year making close to the same amount? I may be way off but I assume that lower to mid-tier fighters likely get paid about the same no matter where they are fighting, to them it is more the "fighting in the UFC" dream. They have too many fighters, partly their own doing, but partly doing the right thing. Look at the Strikeforce guys who were supposed to fight or got shelved while fight cards got cancelled. The UFC could have just severed ties and walked away, but they didn't. They signed these guys and most get to fight in the UFC at least once, but as I have stated, they all know that they can be cut anytime.

9) I don't think Urijah is as at-risk as they are playing it out to be, but he should be careful. Urijah is what...0-5 in title fights since he was champ. He lost badly in his last fight and another loss would hurt. But here is the thing, the 135 pound division is very small with a handful of top contenders. He also has a huge following and even today could be successful headlining an event.

Let's look at some other fighters....BJ Penn is 0-2-1 in his last 3, should he be around? Frankie Edgar is 0-3...Joe Lauzon is 1-2...Rashad Evans is 1-2, Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit could both be 1-2 after their next fight. Are these all favorites? Probably, but they are putting butts in the seats. I can't speak for Mac Danzig, but Leonard Garcia comes to fight everytime and he is a fighter that I remember. The UFC wants and is trying to make fighters household names....what is wrong with that?

10) I get being a fan and following your favorite fighters wherever they fight. I get feeling for these guys when they get cut or have something unfortunate happen. That's what makes you a good person. But don't try and take what happens to them personal or hold a grudge. MMA is a sport, the UFC is a business....the two have to be viewed separate.
1) Why is it not right? thats the whole bloody point of get fighters and the winner moves into the UFC. You dont give everyone a free pass because they qualified for a reality show!!!

Women have no place in MMA as far as im concerned. I hold nothing against Women who want to, but I dont think its right. I have rather Archaic views on what I think Women should and should not do, and how they are to be treated.

Would they have tollerated Women fighting in Rome

I disaprove, I really do. Especially at the expense of good male stock.

2) Can I tell you a little secret. The price the UFC get on PPV sales and the Gate, are not a token on what they pay their fighters. They must be some of the WORST Capitalists to work for in the entire world. The UFC can change what it provides for Fighters to reduce costs considerably...but I doubt extending the show by three or four bouts will have that much effect.

3) That should matter, if you wish the UFC to be anything more then an American company...Dana White wont lead the insitution for ever...he holds sway due to charisma...a charisma that would be hard for his successor to follow...would be a shame to find that a new person is confronted by a tone of burnt bridges wouldnt it

4) thats because we are second class citizens...the UFCs first mistake is to try and market British Fighters, to Brits We all arrive expecting to see Americans...and get Michael Bisping...imagine our dissapointment

5) Do I come across as the kind of person who approves of work place politics to you It might be an unavoidable part of the working world, and I maybe equipped with the skills to survive...but that doesnt mean I dont think its bloody corrupted.

6) Most big businesses have an automated system of response at the very least. In England is is considered the height of rudeness not to respond to someone (with the exception of a job application where it is made explicitly clear that contact within a certain time scale means your through to the next round...and therefore a lack of a in and of itself, a clear signalto you)

Why would you bother to publicise your postal address and other details if you didnt wish contact? there a chance that a personal secretary deals with it...of course...never expect to hear from the persons there a chance said correspondance got lost in the post...yes of course...but for that to happen, repeatedly...No. That is more an indicator that someone just cant be arsed to acknowledge a Briton, that is tremendously disrespectful.

Besides...I have contact with MMA fighters all the, easy access. But the Fighters themselves are just slaves to the UFC...with the odd exception...and those odd exceptions, inevitably choose to completely ignore me. I frighten them, because I tell them what I think, and they are scared of me because I hold them to account...and that means if they do something wrong...people will hear about it. Must, at all costs protect ones reputation, mustnt one

7) the UFC didnt distroy this forum....the talk of Hughes retireing about four years before he actually did...and double forum server jumps did irraperable damage before 2010. Since then, well, I personally blame the administration, of which I am no longer a part. Following the mass exodus in 2010, the place began to naturally dry up as Hughes really did move to retire. Coupled with that was the significant loss of many of the Boffins, issues over the Christianity Section and the Politics Section was also responsible for driving people out. Some might also say my dominance played a part. I had one hell of a post count...before the first server jump 10percent of this forum was totally me...thats probably not a good thing for anyone who doesnt like me

But as I explained...the UFC saturation of the market has damaged the online community whose buzz revolved around those weeks of arguing about fighters in an upcoming match, and digesting the results. Now...even on this forum, we classify non-numbered events without a title match as not even important enough to raise a predictions thread on. Entire events go by without people being passionate about any of it...infact...people just sometimes need a break from it all.

8) The UFC pays alot more then the local fights in England...A LOT MORE.

The UFC show more kindness to their affiliates then their own staff...thats even less moral then walking away

9) Trust me. He is at risk. Wait and see what they do If he fails this weekend. Dana White wasnt kidding. The barrels at the temple I'm afraid...and I quote "It could be a very bad night for Urijah"

Russian Roulette anyone

10) Its not a sign of my general Morality...its a sign of my Loyalty. The UFC didnt just sack a fighter...they sacked a friend...someone who I knew, and spoke to YEARS before anything to do with the UFC.

Thats personal. You dont piss on my friends and expect me to keep peace. If you hurt someone that I am Loyal to, you have insulted me. I dont suffer fools gladly. Its takes suprisingly little for me to consider someone an enemy and then to go to War if needs be.

I've heard the classic response from Americans on this one is: Dont defend them coz it makes them look weak. But If I dont defend them, I can claim no loyalty...because thats what Loyalty is all about. Infact it shows itself best and mostly in times like this.

I expect my reaction has raised a few eyebrows of suprise that I care so much...but Loyalty sometimes only shows itself when its being tested....and besides all that I despise Injustice...I believe companies should act in a moral manner...the two combined is a catalyst to fuel my Modus Operandi
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