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Originally Posted by Max View Post
the UFC is stronger than ever. Face it, Dana knows more about how to run a business than you do, and he has proven it with his ability to grow the UFC from nothing into a global company.
1) The UFC is not the strongest its ever been. It might be the biggest, in terms of structure, or busiest, in terms of events...but its FAR from "Stronger then ever"

Its taken TUF how many seasons to make a small come back?
Its Saturated the Market so much, Forums dont have chance to talk about one card before the next
Its prices remain the same, which have led to a lack of sell outs

2) Its NOT a Global Company...thats the pharse that they tell themselves in America, because they are known in the majority of for you...being successful in the US, DOESNT equate to being a "Global" Company.

What they've prooved is that havent a sodding clue about anything outside the US. They ARE CATEGORICALLY NOT MAINSTREAM IN ENGLAND....the majority of the British dont buy PPVs, and Can not see the footage through purpose built media that doesnt extend to these shores...We are still downloading naughtiness...and thats harder then ever to attain

The Americans might be prepared to pay...but you guys are NOT living under the austerity measures in place in England...and im damn sure that much of Europe is even worse off money wise

They dont even Employ Globally!! as I showed. a Global any American Firm that employs people in England MUST abide by British Employment Law...the UFC DO NOT...because technically speaking they ONLY EMPLOY FROM THE US...Even British and European Fighters that work for them in their countries of origin, are Employed IN THE US in terms of Legality.

They are NOT a Global Firm...they are an American Firm, who believe that since they are mainstream in the US, and put the odd show on foreign soil with people recruited and Employed onsite, and use those foreigners, in the foreign shows...that they are Global.

Its Bollox Max...its a Facade which you wouldnt know unless you lived and worked in one of those foreign countries.

A Global Company is like Wal-Mart....Wal-Mart own properties and Staff in different countries, and different parts of their trading empire is managed under different laws. I work for an American Company...and how can you tell its Global...and not Local with an International Outlet? Because, UNLIKE THE UFC, in this Country Wal-Mart MUST abide by BRITISH EMPLOYMENT LAW....Heck...even the rather dodgy, asset stripping American Company that my Father worked for, before it went bust last month, with outlets all over Europe and China...even they were more "Global"

"Global" is a classification, when you apply it to a doesnt mean they have outlets or projects in different countries! It means they have bases in other countries, that are permanent and abide by whatever countries laws they are situated in.

My Fathers old company...they were truely America, they could sack a director in two weeks for no other reason then they didnt like him. In England, to sack someone of the same position, they had to go through three disciplinary hearings, or start the eleven week change of contract clause....GOD knows the rules that govern Chinese Employment.

ONLY in America, could you even HAVE such an the UFC even on the American stock exchange?? Let alone the British
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