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Dave you are acting like the British fighters that he cut were close to title shots and that is not the case at all. Mills was 1-2 in his last 3 fights, Etim was 1-3 in his last 4 and Sass lost his last 2. The fact is that these guys were not performing and because of that they were cut. When you sign a contract with the UFC you understand that if you don't perform you will be cut.

The UFC is bigger now than it ever has been. It is on FOX, has giant sponsors, and is being talked about more now than it ever was. The same goes for the fighters. ESPN now talks about MMA and the biggest stars of the UFC are 10 times more popular than the stars of the past. Arthur Jones was in the Super Bowl and they referred to him as Jon Jones' brother. Ronda Rousey is getting national attention and is talking about her fight on their main page.

You are acting like the UFC just cut 1/3 of its top fighters. Like I said before, not one guy who was cut was in the top 5 on their division. To say that Bellator will over take the UFC by 2015 is crazy. What prime UFC stock will they be using? Right now their #2 LW is fighting in court to go to the UFC. Their biggest name, King Mo, just got KOed by spinning back fist last night and the their biggest name fighter before that, Hector Lombard, is in the UFC. Out of the fighters the UFC has cut so far a grand total of ZERO are "prime UFC stock". In fact you couldn't build a card from that list of fighters that I would watch if it was going on in my own backyard. Dana is not cutting prime UFC fighters, he is cutting a bunch of mid-card guys that 95% of MMA fans won't even miss.

Dave I have heard you cry about Dana's decisions for years now. You keep saying that he is not listening to the people, he doesn't know what he's doing and he is going to run the UFC in to the ground, yet the UFC is stronger than ever. Face it, Dana knows more about how to run a business than you do, and he has proven it with his ability to grow the UFC from nothing into a global company.

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