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Again...Typically American in its view point...Exactly how many smaller organisations to proove yourself and gain afew more wins, in the UK do you think their actually are??
Obviously there are a few or the UFC would have never found these guys the first time. I only know of BAMMA, but I would guess that there are others.

I dont think you understand what effect the recession we are in is having on THIS country. Things in England are not the same as things in the US...I hope to GOD none of those guys the UFC fired, used the money from them as their sole income...if they did...they may never fight again...they may not have the money to sustain the ability to train....
I am sure that things are different in England than here, but that doesn't make either situation any better. There are fighters here in the US with the same problems. How do you think it was before the UFC provided them with health insurance? These guys would fight through serious injury to support their family, only to then go back in debt for medical bills. But guess what, that is the fight game. As I said before, you know what you are getting into when you sign the contract.

Like I say, im reasonably sure those guys basically did UFC as an extra part time job. otherwise, its no Joke...White could have ruined their lives
Whether you called the sport the UFC knowingly or not, this is why they will always be king. To the new/uneducated fan, they relate MMA with UFC and nothing else.
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