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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
1) The show is about finding new talent, only the winner is given a guaranteed contract.

2) Have you been to a UFC event? Currently they take about 5-6 hours to complete and most people don't even show up until the main card is about to start. To have more fights on the card would not be a good idea, IMO.

3) How many people are considered immediate contenders? Let's take the MW division, you have Rockhold as champ, Tim Kennedy, Jacare, Lorenz Larkin, and Robbie Lawler as the top from Strikeforce. So out of the "contenders", who gets in?

4) I worked for a company that believed that everyone should be continuously improving. They wanted everyone to improve every year. If you were content in your job and what you did, you were gone. This, to me, is the same as Dana stating to fighters to be exciting and give fans a reason to want to watch you fight.

5) Do you really think Dana doesn't listen to the fans? He is on the Underground quite a bit interacting and listening to the fans. He tries to make the fights that the fans want. I have mentioned this before, but I'll tell the story again. Right after UFC 87: GSP/Fitch, I got an email from the UFC (not sure what I had signed up for, but anyway). The email had me take a survey ranking the HW fighters in the UFC. It asked questions about who is the most exciting, who should fight for the title next, etc. I honestly believe that this survey led to Brock getting his shot at Couture. So I do believe that they listen.

6) To think that Dana is going to bury the UFC and Bellator is going to reign is completely ridiculous. Bellator has the financial backing to do it, but in fighter and fans eyes they know who is king. IMO, the UFC has not let someone go where you can look at and say that they blew it. So is someone like Jon Fitch going to be the savior of MMA? Or maybe Ben Saunders?

Getting cut from the UFC is not a death sentence, some of these guys will be back at some point.
1) The point is...they dont need half the TUFers...and they DONT NEED THE WOMEN EITHER.

2) I have been to THREE UFC events...UFC 70, UFC 85 and UFC 120 I Know they take Hours to complete...but there are ways the UFC can speed that process up....The other way to do create a sudden death card all of its own...for the Strikeforce contracts.

The UFC dont care about who shows up...thats a minute proportion of the audience...they only care that the tickets are bought...and they are...the people can turn up when they like, or not at all. Incidently...if they dropped their prices, they would get more custom...its too expensive in the UK...MUCH too expensive.

3) Thats at the UFCs descretion to decide

4) That assumes Dana White actually knows what Fans want...How does he know that? I want to see the people I like, Know and care about fighting...I want them to strike the right ballence between being exciting, and being sensible, between standing and trading, and excellent ground work. IF Dana White cuts the people I like...I will follow those people to other organizations...because I dont actually care about the UFC, nor do I care for its Executive...they have given me no reason to care for them, no proof they care about anything but their own agenda, and no understanding of any fighters or fans who arent US Citzens.

5) I think he listens less and less, I think they do surveys and then twist the results to give them what they want. He doesnt want Fans to call his organisation to account, he wants to rule as a dictator. He deliberately sets some fighters up with impossible matches to get as much chance of getting the results he wants. He saves others who should be gone. He has favourites, He pushes others at the expense of those who work really hard. He gives token gestures to fans. If he took things seriously, he would have a team that is constantly patrolling the biggest MMA websites, feeding back ideas, and monitoring public opinion. The ejit hired someone from the Sun newspaper to be on the board to decide the official UFC P4P rankings...and COMPLETELY Excluded Sherdog He did it, because he doesnt like Sherdog...because he cant separate his emotions from his common sence.

...and the UFC do not acknowledge letters, nor other means of contact 9 out of 10 times...I had more luck getting through to politicians, then the UFC Brass...that tells you something...You and I...we are nothing to them...they just want your money, and the ability to do whatever the hell they please.

6) would be useful if you told me how long you've been interested in MMA, and been online about the subject. For those of us who have been online for a while, we have seen the effect the UFC expanding into different countries and adding more cards has had...and believe me...its had a negative impact...especially in non American areas...its all but distroyed the MMA Online Communities...Not just this Forum...but litterally loads...the UFC cant even garner a proper active forum on their own off post reactions to news reports are probably post for post, more active then the largest MMA forums...people are ready for something new.

Now...Dana White hasnt yet struck a name that ammounts to much, he will be disliked in the UK for his actions...which matter if he ever wants to expand and be mainstream here...and some of the guys he cut on the british scene still have the potential to be future champions callibre fighters...he will look dumbass if they do that in another organisation and then refuse to come back...But you should see that there was what I would consider a real bitterness when he threatened Urijah Faber for this next weeks fight...if he really does have to cut hundreds...he WILL start to piss people off if those fighters are well loved and well known...if he goes after Frankie Edgar, Urijah Faber...Whilst taking care of Leonard Garcia, Mac Danzig...then all Bellator will have to do is grow quietly...and people will shift...When I first joined the MMA community, the hardcore fans were of the firm belief that Pride FC was the real top league, and NOT the UFC...not only can it happen again...I now believe it will.
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