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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I didn't know that George Lucas' daughter was one of the contestants. That's interesting.

The show really just looks like a large-scale version of Rock-'em-Sock-'em Robots. It also disappoints me that the teams aren't designing and building the robots themselves, but the robots are just being assigned to them. I would have liked it better if the teams were able to put some of their own personality into the designs of the robots.

That t-bar thing really annoys me too. Why even bother to have legs on the robot if it has to have a giant t-bar to keep it standing? Also, the herky-jerky movements of the robots themselves makes me think that the technology is simply not to the point where something like this can be truly entertaining.
I agree with this. I thought this was going to be about these master builders who put their own spin on things, like a suped-up version of Robot Wars.

The T-Bar I'm OK with, because the amount of engineering recquired to create a stable bipedal robot would make it cost prohibitive. Also, it makes possible to let the machines move with the quickness necessary. If it was a self-contained unit, it'd be far less animated or powerful.
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