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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
I won't lie, I didn't read your entire post. Do these fighters really feel that they have been wrongly treated?

Here's my 2 cents. These fighters are contractors, they sign a contract to fight x number of fights knowing that this contract can be terminated beforehand by the employer. Hence, they know what they are getting into before signing.

Also, if a fighter or any employee is not contributing to the generation of revenue, why should they continue to have a job? Dana said today that they have over 450 fighters on the roster and that is 100 too many. This is a business and fighters know going in that they may not be with the UFC forever or at all.

I respect and appreciate your passion for the sport and how your culture is, but I just don't see how anyone can think these fighters that were cut were "wronged".
1) I imagine so. Reason being they are signed up to fight a number of fights knowing that three losses in a row equates to being cut. What they will not be expecting is to get cut for no good reason. Because the UFC have failed to properly handle their rota, is not a good excuse....when even someone like me could have designed no less then THREE ways the UFC could have avoided this

1) Start refusing to employ ANYONE but the Finalists of The Ultimate Fighter...that is the WHOLE POINT of the is NOT a free pass into the organisation

2) Lengthen their cards for this year to put all Strikeforce Employees through a sudden death mathc in order to qualify for continued employment in the UFC

3) ONLY employ the Strikeforce Champions and the imediate contenders into the UFC.

What noone in their right bloody mind would do, is simply grant every bloody fighter and his dog immediate rights to be in the UFC PLUS everyone ever associated with TUF...and then sacked people who got to the UFC ON MERIT ALONE and who do NOT have three losses in a row.

Any guy out there. Let me tell you what you better do—you better fight your f—king ass off and make it good and win," White said emphatically. "That's the only way people want to see you."

How the Hell does Dana know WHAT WE WANT TO SEE? If he Cared what the Public thought, firstly it wouldnt be a private company, it would be a sharehold, secondly, rather then dismiss people to his bloody competitors...he would be listening and consulting with fans...those fans who bother to be passionate and post online...and the number is dwindling across the entire internet due to saturation of the market which is something else the UFC havent got to grips with after TWO YEARS that they are angry at Dana...They are being VERY rude about him...and that wont be ultimately good for business...mark my words...The domination of the UFC in the MMA market is coming to an end....I think by 2015 Bellator will have surpassed the UFC...and most of it, simply because they are using prime UFC stock that the UFC have discarded because they are f'ing dumbasses....and because their products are over priced, watered down, and fast becoming not worth their money...the old UFC Greats are retired...and the Hardcore fans are struggling to pick up the flash in the pans.

He needs to gain control....I worry that his health issues are frankly clouding his judgement...because this who strikeforce thing has been handled poorly even for White

One of the comments I came across says simply "I wish the UFC would Cut Dana White"
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