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Originally Posted by Max View Post
If a fighter is simply a permanent mid-card guy whats the point in keeping him? Why not cut him and bring in new guys and see if one of them has what it takes to be a future champion.
Because Europeans are NOT Americans...There is a few things you dont understand about the British Attitude to Employment.

In The United States, nine out of ten employers are known as "At Will" employers. This means they often dont indulge in written contracts, forever keep you on two weeks notice...and dont need any reason other then a dislike of you to sack you.

AND...If that happens, and you get sacked, they do not provide Unions for unfair dismissal, they do not pay you redundancy or a settlement for doing something morally bankrupt.

Thats how it is in the US, borne out of the "American Dream" that YOU can do anything you want...BUT if you fail...its all on YOU.

England, and most of the rest of the world doesnt do that. We believe that Employers have certain responsibilities, and Workers have certain "GOD-Given" Rights. We have Civil Law and Industrial Tribunerals that mean that IF a Company want to sack you they need a VALID REASON. They also, have to have in writting, which is legally binding, the idea that THEY have Rules which THEY MUST FOLLOW. This is inclusive of Subcontractors...and even people who dont work for you but get hurt on your premises in accidents and the likes.

In England, ANY US Company who Employs in a manner which is recongised by the British Government...MUST abide by BRITISH EMPLOYMENT LAW. The Ultimate Fighting Championship has failed to do this. I suspect, that they may not be recognised as a Company in the UK that Employ people because if they did...they couldnt legally do what they did to Paul Sass, Terry Etim, or Che Mills.

I suspect they get away with it because they will claim that the British Staff are Employed by and at a branch in the United States, and therefore, officially, their place of employment is in the US, under US Law, even if they then work in the would effectively be classed as an American Deployment of a British member of Staff.

I suspect the benefit of that is that Paul Sass and others may not be taxed on their earnings, because officially its not going on in the United Kingdom. The pay, the contracts, the employment, are all in the US...but deployed in the UK for events.

Never the less...they deal with people who would view a threat to their job as a threat to their livelihood and a threat to their very existance. I expect that actually, at least one out of the three probably has a full time employment job anyway in England...but thats not the point.

Europeans are likely to hate you forever if you sack them without following procedures or for no particular reason. They would consider that grossly unfair, and harbour ill will about the situation for years.

The UFC may not be aware that Europeans feel VERY differently about the whole ideal of employment. It isnt common place to have your lifeline financially taken away at the drop of a hat without any recompense, or any need for your Employers to justify us, that is absolutely outrageous...outrageous enough that in this country it would be ILLEGAL... a Firm that did to those fighters what the UFC just did...would be taken to a Tribuneral at the VERY Least

You CAN NOT just sack people because you dont want them anymore. British people subjected to that will NOT respond well, they will NOT forget, they will NOT forgive.

Which is fine for the UFC...unless they go to a competator and start doing really well. Also...British Fans are going to be thinking the same as I've put above....Check out Facebook if you dont believe me...The hardcore British fans,, many associated with the Fight Teams themselves, are absolutely livid.

That is not good for business, if you charge extortinate tickets and PPV and expect to expand mainstream in this country. The UFC already dont sell out their British Cards anymore...Dana White better prepare for a more hostile reception on these Isles next time he visits...even if thats not for months...this feeling of having been hard done by, and basically spat upon, by a pompous American Company...isnt going away...and may not go away even if the UFC were to U-Tern....There is no guarentee that some of these guys would EVER want to fight for such a company again, on principle of how they have been wrongly treated...something which the American Fighters dont have an issue with

Just like if you leave a Tip in China, you will offend the propriator...If you threaten, or if you do, give the boot to a European without a good valid reason, its considered one of the most offensive things you could possibly do towards them. Its not a carefree matter...its a serious two finger gesture at someone from my Culture, its...frankly, unspeakably ugly. I am no exception to that...if I hold a position within an organization, whether employment, or voluntary, and they aggressively move to dismiss me, or they threaten me with dismissal...then you can forget any friendship between us, no matter what you may have done for me in the past...if you threaten my existance in terms of affiliation to an instution, or you threaten me with consequences of financial hardship, we will be at War....

Its been Nine Years since my last Paid Employer tried that. Despite the fact that they were not successful, I have NEVER forgotten, and the impact is one of the largest on my entire three decades of life. The last voluntary association that offended me in the same way (minus obviously the financial implications) was less then a month ago, after a series of threats which were issued over the course of the last eight years...I finally had enough of their bad attitude and told them where to keep their Voluntary position, which had long since lost its perks at any rate. I havent forgotten what they did either, and my Friendship with the individual I hold directly accountable is terminated, my Friendship with the individual I hold indirectly responsible is probably irreperably damaged.

Whilst in the US, their is this stupid air of professional silence...that doesnt wash in my Culture...if someone pisses on you, then you are entitled to shame them publically. Infact its encouraged, because the force of popular opinion often makes these companies bow to the pressure.

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