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Don't feel bad, Dave; it's been my experience that people aren't thinking of us NEARLY as much as we have suspected ;-) Very little if at all, in fact. Most people are - justifiably - wrapped up in their own lives.

Probably True....but its people at my work who ask me about things, and then ignore what I have to say that pissed me off this week

I'm mega stressed at the moment, so I'm not sure how accurate my reading on anything is at present Next Monday I'm confident things will calm down a bit...I shall have had my tooth sorted...and whilst I dont want it, I can cope with the Tonsil Polyp until the March 4th....I just know that if it begins to bleed or if its swelling blocks the airways, I just call an ambulence immediately...It doesnt hurt...but the tooth makes my whole mouth, jaw, and neck hurt...and what I dont want to happen is for that nutcase of a dentist, when he's replacing the filling which he wont let me have free...I dont want him to accidently do anything to upset the other growth in my oral cavity...its not just the fact he might slip with the lazer or a knife...its the horrible suction equipment that might hit the polyp...or the aneasthetic might start to numb the throat area and upset the Polyp also...The worry of THAT for two weeks has driven me quite mad

Today I am reflecting on how my good friend Martin Brown visited Markenfield for the first time last week. We go way, way, way back. Martin was a friend from university who was my confidente during my annus horibilis in 2003...I dont know what would have become of me, without his help....This Song always reminds me of him

But you can also see him in this video I made of our one of my trips to see him in Shefield

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