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Jon Fitch - 1-2-1 (last 5 fights)
Wagner Prado - 0-2 (1)
Mike Russow - 4-2
Jacob Volkmann - 6-4
Vladimir Matyushenko - 4-3
Che Mills - 2-2
Jay Hieron - 0-2
Terry Etim - 6-5
Paul Sass - 3-2
Jorge Santiago - 0-1
Mike Stumpf - 0-2
Simeon Thoresen - 1-2
C.J. Keith - 0-2
Motonobu Tezuka - 0-2
Josh Grispi - 0-4
Ulysses Gomez - 0-2

Those are the records of this group of fighters during this UFC run. I don't see one guy in that group that I think of as a future champion or even a top 5 guy (That includes Fitch, he is now outside the 5). If you are not ranked in the top 5 of your weight class than your next loss could be your last fight in the UFC. The UFC added a lot of the guys from Strikeforce and I would not be surprised if a lot of those guys are on 1 fight deals. As the UFC grows, the competition becomes even great and the expectation to perform is even greater than it once was. If a fighter is simply a permanent mid-card guy whats the point in keeping him? Why not cut him and bring in new guys and see if one of them has what it takes to be a future champion.

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