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Ludicrous...on this logic, are we to believe Dustin Poirier should consider himself...lucky?

Perhaps they should also go ahead a release Frankie Edgar.

They just dont get it, rather then dumping half their stock due to an influx of questionable tallent at best...they should be making their cards long, and lengthening those cards with Strikeforce bouts...where they should be playing a sudden death approach to the incoming stock.

You dont simply qualify for the UFC because you were a Strikeforce Fighter...That dumb, because if you drop you top stock to fill your stable with newly aquired breeds and discover they fail to perform, you will end up pushing them out and contracting.

Its something you will regret if you want to bring them back and find they have signed with Bellator instead.

This is a sign that the gap between the public and the senior management level of the UFC is significantly widened...I promise you, if the UFC take this further as a trend they will discover, quickly, that some fans, are fans of Fighters, NOT primarily of the UFC...and if Bellator can make those Fighters STILL VISABLE, like they wouldnt have been before, having been cut...the UFC actually dares fans to jump ship almost by force...someone who may not have been interested in Bellator, might become so, because the fighters they like have moved.

They are treading a dangerous line and cant even see it because they live in a vaccum. They believe that WE should be Grateful TO THEM for having carried MMA through the dark years...but THEY are 100percent reliant on us...and IF they fall, someone else will pick up the buck and continue.

If Matt Hughes really is now a go between...there is one very important thing he needs to stress to them, is that, once you let a fighter go...particularly someone who is European...unlike the attitudes of some of the Americans who act like they deserved the chop when they didnt...a European is FAR LESS likely to forgive and forget the embarissment caused...They wont as easily come grovelling back...they will probably be mortally offended...particularly if they DO NOT have three losses in a Row...Matt Hughes also needs to stress to them, that if they want to be seen as justified they MUST WITH NO EXCEPTIONS WHATSOEVER keep to there Rules. If they say three losses equate to a dissmissal...then thats for everyone...even a former champion...and it means they have three losses before being dismissed...not two...not one...THREE.

As the UFC no longer bother to listen to the fans...I can only hope they bother to listen to him. Unless, of course the ideal of a go-between is that feedback to the management is not required, in which case ( and trust me a lot of organisations claim to have someone as a mediator between Employer and Employee) its not Mediation but enforcement, and doubtless thats Enforcement of the managements agenda and NOT of the rights and concerns of anyone else.

Ideally a code of conduct works both ways.

Well...thats my opinion on the matter....I'll write, once again, to them when I get a chance, then even if nothing happens, I know ive done all I can...because there are names on that list that have no place being there period, thats unfair...and as a result, when its people you know and like, I get myself almost hoping that as a result of this, the UFC itself stumbles before Bellator...because there are a good few people in that organization that need to be taken down a peg or two, reminded of who they are...and if they wont listen to reason, need to face the consequences until they do.
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