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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post

You say you don't advocate revenge, but it seems like you are justifying his actions and saying he is not responsible for them. Even before this was over people were justifying his actions, and now they want to paint him as a hero. We don't know that he got a raw deal when he was fired, they've re-opened his case from back then. Even if that were the case, it doesn't justify his actions. Lots of people get raw deals in life, it doesn't give you license to go out and kill and exact vengeance. Even if it is proven that he was treated fairly during that whole process when he was fired, some people will still choose not to believe it and they'll make him into a martyr. If he really wanted to be a martyr for injustice, he should have given himself up and gone to prison, then Hollywood would have made a documentary about him and he could have been the new celeb cause with the usual celebrities pleading for his release and telling the world what a raw deal he got.
I'm NOT justifying Revenge...but I can see FROM HIS POINT OF VIEW.

He would most definately have blamed his actions on having been fired from the police force. The reason I brought it up was the fact that this is the same force thats shown its incompetance during the have to ask...if they are incompetant in one area, and thus untrustworthy in that area...can you believe anything they say.

As for Giving himself up. I have a suspicion that once it began, he had no intention of living beyond its conclusion. It is a form of suicide, he quite deliberately went past the point of no return, because I imagine he felt he had lost everything and there was no point in continuing with life...all that was left was to spread awareness and get as much vengence as possible before the inevitable...either being killed by a police office during the chase, or killing himself when the chase was concluded.

I do happen to believe that once you are in that sort of state, you are NOT in a normal frame of mind. I personally still believe that you should be accountable for your actions because this is NOT clinical Maddness we are talking about...but its a VERY different state of awareness...Most people stay in a single state their whole lives...some go mad...but the clue to being mad is, YOU DONT KNOW, he had full awareness of what he was doing, even if the State of Mind he was in had transformed him beyond all recognition of who he was as a person before. Fear and Anxiety and depression can change someones State of Mind for a long period of time. Suicidal tendancies and self harm are a short term change in the state of mind, There is clinical maddness of course...the other things that can do it are some types of drugs, these are usually short term. Deep states of meditation, and some natural physiological stimuli, like that of an athlete in an almost trance like state can do it...but those are for short times.

I know about this, because I have experience of having lived for about 9 months in a completely different state of mind. I am on permanent medication to stop this ever occuring again and have been for almost an entire decade.

Its a crazy thing to try and explain to someone who hasnt experienced it...but its a completely different way of thinking, acting, and being...its like a different you both personality wise and mannerisms. So you see that whilst I dont condone his actions, I actually do understand him, and the psychological processes that led to what he did. I dont agree with his argument because I believe in self discipline and accountability...BUT I can understand for a person who didnt have that exactly what would be the case.
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