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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
Finally! My thread gets some action!

Not the kind I was looking for but, hey, beggars can't be choosers.

Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Careful there...because that depends on what you think the trigger was. IF the Trigger was to be wrongly sacked, and if that was ever shown to be a good cause of that being the case, technically speaking, those who fired him set all this in motion.

I dont advocate getting revenge...but I DO understand how it feels to be squashed by a large institution which presents a squeaky clean image, and then plays really dirty politics. I DO understand that where successful that can distroy the life and livelihoods of the people who are hard done by...and these people who engage in that, they never are bought to justice in civil cases.

There should be some accountability within the in England there is some accountability by law...but that law doesnt exist in the United States...again, Unions can be abused, they can start sponcering Governmental parties, they can start to cause problems if they dont get their way, when its injust that their demands are met through their sheer size...but they also serve a long forgotten stop some capitalist sacking you simply because he doesnt like you...or framing you with excuses because he doesnt like you in order to get you into trouble...or...telling lies about you. You are NOT protected against that by Law in the US...there is NO proper way to get justice if that happens to you...there isnt proper justice in the UK either...but there are safeguards in law which act as reasonable deterents.

Good men can go bad if pushed to far. they can psychologically snap, or act irratically because they are hurting, or angry, not just at whats happened to them...but what DOESNT happen to those who acted against them.

As far as the mass murderer is concerned....He DID NOT start this....He got to the stage where he felt this was the only way to draw attention to the injustice.
You say you don't advocate revenge, but it seems like you are justifying his actions and saying he is not responsible for them. Even before this was over people were justifying his actions, and now they want to paint him as a hero. We don't know that he got a raw deal when he was fired, they've re-opened his case from back then. Even if that were the case, it doesn't justify his actions. Lots of people get raw deals in life, it doesn't give you license to go out and kill and exact vengeance. Even if it is proven that he was treated fairly during that whole process when he was fired, some people will still choose not to believe it and they'll make him into a martyr. If he really wanted to be a martyr for injustice, he should have given himself up and gone to prison, then Hollywood would have made a documentary about him and he could have been the new celeb cause with the usual celebrities pleading for his release and telling the world what a raw deal he got.
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