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I get it but I'm not talking about the actual name of the crime, but the fact that those cops shot blindly into trucks that they had no idea who was in it need to go to prison just like Dorner would have had he lived. Or something like that I'm tired
And speaking of, since day 1 I said he would off him self before he let the cops shoot and sure enough, he put one in his own head. I feel like I won a bet

Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Cops shooting at the wrong vehicle and killing the occupants would be manslaughter at worst; but the definitions of murder vary from state to state. If the occupants are just injured then it's even less severe of a crime.

Technically, manslaughter is not the same as premeditated, or first-degree, murder.

However, I think those police officers need to be taken off of active duty and placed under arrest until they can stand trial. Reckless cops have no business on the police force.
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