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Originally Posted by flo View Post
So does everyone, Tyburn. I think all Americans were stunned and dismayed by the police reaction. We saw the images of that truck shot up and the first thing I thought was that no one could have survived such a barrage. It was totally unprofessional, an overreaction, and there have to be serious legal consequences for their actions.

I just don't consider the LAPD responsible to be "no different" from Dorner.
They are more alike then ever if you consider WHY the mass murderer claimed he was actually committing crimes in the first place.

He wasnt a terrorist was he Flo....he was a disgruntled Employee...We must now consider, if they cant act professionally, and are prone to over-reaction...perhaps he was wrongly sacked....and the fact that, from the Killers point of view, they HAVENT faced "Serious legal consequences for their actions" might be what pushed him over the edge.

Not an excuse...but you have to admit...this wasnt a regular criminal. They were chasing a Rogue Agent....and they have been found to be wanting in that light of the accusations...thats conflict of interest for the force if ever there was one.

You expect a law enforcement establishment to be just, because its whole job is about the administration of Justice...but I've found, from my own experience, of working with an Establishment, that by its nature had to be whiter then white...that they are the absolute worst.

IMHO...Looking at this evidence...whilst I dont condone what the Killer did...I think the actions of the police force indicate a huge liklihood that whatever alligations the former officer had about constructive dismissal...which is what "wrongly fired" amounts to in England (though not under US Employment Law) are probably true.

Are their attempts to Silence him any more justified then his attempts to gain vengance? You cant be seriously telling me, that you think these police officers will be in were just doing their job, they were trying to save innocent lives by taking out a criminal who was threatening mass murder.

They are Heroes.

The badges they wear will be their protection.

Is it the Armed Government Forces you need to fear...or are you already at gunpoint by local law enforcement agencies...Perhaps their protection, is proof of a form of Tyrany?

If you cant trust the Police...who can you trust?
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