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Frankly...I expect better from the American Law Enforcement.

This type of accident happens occasionally in England with the squad of Police who ARE armed. They just dont seem capable....but one has to remember that havent grown up in an environment where handguns...or probably the training of using prevelent. Therefore, mistakes might happen more often.

But for those sort of mistakes to happen in a culture where all police have firearms is absolutely unacceptable.

Why can they not get their inteligence verified before they start shooting? The Americans cant get the right van...The British follow the wrong man from a tower block of supposed terrorists despite having an accurate description.

But to manage to shoot two MEXICAN WOMEN when they are looking for a BLACK MALE...I mean HOW do you make that mistake????

The Americans didnt actually manage to kill by accident...but who knows if that, too, was down to being generally incompetant? If they cant tell the difference between a Mexican Woman and a Black Man...then what are the chances they are going to be much of a good shot anyway

Unfortunately...the British parallel wasnt so happy. It became obvious to the inocent man that he was being followed, so he went down into the Tubes to get away, and a member of the squad who was NOT in uniform pulled a gun out and wondered why the guy ran.

They followed him onto the tube where he slipt and fell, and they shot him seven times point blank range in the head infront of the entire passenger carriage.

Then they lied, when they realized that he wasnt the right man...and they claimed that he had jumped the ticket barriers to escape, which CCTV at the station doesnt uphold. They also claimed he was wearing a huge duffle jacket in the middle of summer which they thought was hiding the bombs...unfortunately, a picture of the corpse minus the head, published in the press showed he was wearing a tight denim jacket that he couldnt have hidden anything underneith

The final defence was he ran when confronted with a gun...No shyte. He didnt run because he was guilty, he ran because an unidentified man who had been stalking him for no reason pulled a gun on him...The victim didnt even know the guy was a police officer...and in a culture where you simply never see guns period...if you see one...its probably the last thing you'll ever see....for pretty much was.

They had a public enquiry...but no criminal prosecution, I dont know about civil recovery....but as the guy was Brazilian and not British...
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