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I spent almost 2 weeks in So Cal as this was going on. People that resembled Dorner were wearing t-shirts that said " DON'T SHOOT.I'M NOT DORNER!!!" and people with trucks resembling his ( how ever slightly) were putting cardboard signs in their windows that said "THIS IS NOT DORNER'S TRUCK! PLEASE DON'T SHOOT!"

The woman that got shot (in the BACK) was a 71 year old little Mexican lady that was delivering newspapers with her 40 something year old daughter who was grazed by a bullet. They just opened fire as they were in someone's driveway to drop off the paper.There was another man that was grazed when they shot up his truck as well. It wasn't even the same make as Doner's.

I'll tell you, those cops are NO different that Crazy Doner and they need to go to PRISON for what they did to those poor people.

Anyway, glad it's over!
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