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Frederico Lombadi...the Vatican Mouth Piece for Journalism has said that Pope Benedicts Pontificate will terminate at the end of February, whereupon his seal will be defaced as would happen if he had died. He will then leave the apostolic Palace and he will leave the Vatican State, and He will leave Rome and will reside in Castel Gandolfo, where the Pope goes on Holiday during the Summer, its a Papal Summer Residence. He will remain there whilst the College of Cardinals (those who are below the correct age of course and not deceased) will go into the Conclave for Habamus Papem sometime between March 15th and March 20th. The Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Bertone will play the part of Camerlengo, and the Roman Curia will be managed by the Papel Secretary Georg Gaenswein during this short Interegnum.

Once a knew Pope has been named, He shall create his crest and choose his Apostolic Name, and be Consecrated as the Holy Father, Pontifex Maximus Romanus, and Pope of The Roman Catholic Church. He will be Consecrated and then he shall take possession of his Cathedra in Rome ( didnt realize the seat of the Pope ISNT Saint Peters Basilica did you ) Which is the historic Cathedral associated with the Bishop of Rome. Then he will take posession of Saint Peters Basilica and move into the Apostolic Palace within the Vatican City State.

At that point Joseph Ratzinger will be Retrieved from outside Rome at Castel Gandolfo and will be placed into a Contemplative Monastic Community inside the Vatican City, where he shall live like a Benedictine Monk one presumes, in quite contemplation, theological writing, and deep medative prayer...until he dies.

The Roman Church will have The Two Hundred and Sixty Seventh Pope by Passiontide, in time for the Feast of The Ressurection....He will be the One Hundred and Twelfth from Celestine II.
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