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Originally Posted by Irish Pride View Post
So I've never fired a gun before, never really had the opportunity. Was going to go with my neighbor one time but we never got around to it and he moved.

I've looked at some gun ranges and I'm going to go with a buddy of mine soon. They have plenty of guns to rent. My question is, what should I start with seeing as how I've never fired a gun before? I could research it sure, but I'd rather hear from people in here that I know and trust from their own gun experience then read what some "expert" has to say.
honestly? get you two really nice bb guns---one a rifle and one a handgun.

shoot them alot and whenever it works for you, you don't have to go to a range to shoot air rifles, yet they are still dangerous so be careful.

once you get good at shooting you can move up in size and according to what you want to do----hunt, shoot, home protection, militia (LOL), collect or whatever---

if you just want to shoot and learn and enjoy, an air rifle is the best----cheap guns, cheap ammo, no need for a range, less power and danger, less regulations if you live in town

eventually you will come on here and ask us what gun to hunt with, or what gun to buy for home protection or what gun for long range or what is the most fun
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