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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I think it's long overdue for the Papacy to come to an end. It's an illegitimate establishment anyway that has no biblical foundation.
Its based on a Great Assumption, that most sane people having read the scripture, and having seen the Apostolic Line are prepared to admit, its NOT what it claims to be. Personally, I dont mind saying its the head of Romanism, nor that it occupies historically the same diocise as Peter

I DO have a problem that they are Apostolic Successors, because I dont believe the Apostolic Gifts of Peter were passed on to his successor, neither do I think its the correct context to backdate your insitution for three hundred years...the first Popes were not "pope" but simply the leaders of the Early Church based in Rome...and not even the sole leaders at that.

Finally...even if Apostolic Succession was true...why would you have a group of people being Christs representative, dissagreeing with each other? THATS what gets me...if they were all of the same mind and heart, they wouldnt be changing things that earlier Popes said were not even Peter with his apostolic gift could change an absolute truth.

The Papacy Is not coming to an end....Rome has decreed a Conclave.

They will ellect a new Pope by Easter, and then they will consecrate him.

Its begining to come out now that when Pope John Paul II fell ill but clung on to the papacy, Pope Benedict was reasonably high up, and he saw that as the Pope couldnt do so much, the Roman Curia, went well beyond its design brief and started to make decisions it had no right to essentially make.

It is now thought that Benedict has realized his mental health is about to break down, he knows that if he stays as Pope, his position will weaken, and the Curia will he dissagreed with that happening over his predecessor hes decide there is only one way to prevent the Curia from yet another growth spurt.

That is to have an able bodied and minded Pope at all times, to make the executive decisions, so the Roman Curia doesnt.

Think of this analogy. The Roman Curia equates to the Federal Republic of the US. Without the consitution, or with a weakened constitution, the Federal System expands to fill the gap, until its at odds with the constitution has happened in your country. In this analogy, as the Soverign, The Pope is supposed to be the basis, around which the curia works...with a weakened Pope, the result is the same...the Curia fill in the blanks.

One could say he's Sacrificing him self, for the sake of the Papacy in the future. I'm sure if he felt he could die reasonably strong in mind, he could keep control...but if he goes dulally-tat as people suspect is whats happening to him...he needs to give way to someone capable of leading, or else the Curia will step in.
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