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Originally Posted by TexasRN View Post
My mom eats nothing with ingredients she can't pronounce. It's a good diet to follow actually but it cracks me up.

~Amy we are finding out in Europe...the truth is, generically, people know almost nothing about what they eat.

You believe what you read on the box, and believe how they tell you its prepared...but its all on actually dont know....I suppose unless you prepare everything yourself, from the most basic of ingredients, and where possible, farm it, be it veg, or livestock, you never can.

In England and Europe this has been a huge thing, as one by one, almost every food outlet that has supplied us with Beef is in crisis following the realization, what they thought was Beef...was actually Horse.

It began with suppliers of beef patties, which claimed half of all the major supermarket chains..when it was prooved that their 100Percent Beef Burgers, were actually 60Percent Horse instead. Then it moved on to claim fast food outlets, like Burger its moved into major branded foods, like Findus, whose Beef Lesagna is 100percent Horse Lesagna

In many ways, even the people who write the ingredients on the box dont really know whats in it. They trust what their suppliers tell them. The only people who know are the suppliers...and even they may not know that the Horse would be misslabled as Beef...but all across Europe, it appears that this has been going on, for probably many years now.

In some ways it doesnt matter....Horse isnt inedible...but the point is, that its fraud in retail, because its sold as something different...and underlines an issue...if it can be that an entire continent is slipped Horse under the guise of hard would it be to slip something that COULD be dangerous?

The system cant even rule out cross contamination, let alone deliberate do we trust what we read or not...blah has 20%less saturated fat? who the hell knows? Even if there is a process for that scientifically, how can we be sure they follow that.

Our entire Western Cultures...ALL of them, are built on Trust of something inherently untrustworthy...Its not just the world of Finance....its the world of Retail...especially in the manner of food.

We choose to believe, because if we faced the truth, how would we survive?

Can you even get a job without a bank account? NO because they dont know how to pay you real money! its all done by computer automatically...there is NO movement of material involved in paying you...just a few 00s deducted from one computer, and put onto another computer which represents an account of money, which doesnt physically exist...until its recognised by a banker and exchanged for something physical.

Now...not withstanding, that computers can go wrong, and a single digit in the wrong place could bring the entire system down

We have gotten into a state where we cant even deal in reality any more, we are forced to trust. We have no other choice.

But because we choose out of need, to believe what we are told, and that all parties will honour what we are led to believe is true

We Trust in Banks
We Trust in automatic Computers and a System of off world orbital satalites
We Trust in Manufacturing Authenticity
We Trust in Honnest Retailing particularly surround Food
We Trust in Electricity

if anyone of those systems, which we dont understand and have no control over, were to fail...our whole entire civilization would come crashing down within mere days.

a WEEK of issues with the banks, and we havent recovered after half a decade....that was a WEEK of issues in ONE area of the Market....Saved NOT by changing the system...but by using bigger 00s to restore confidence in little 00s

We didnt have a banking just wobbled.

Now imagine what happens if one of those listed above gives out completely. We dont even know what it takes to keep these things running long term...if we did, there would be more worry over the plight of the common bumble bee, which is responsible for polination that keeps our agricultural ability to feed ourselves...they appear to be dying out btw

We say, dont worry, it will never if that belief equates to an absolute certainty. Let me tell you, there is no such thing as "Too Big to Fail" neither is there any hierachy of needs fulfilled without the smallest cog in the foundation bracket.
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