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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Wait a minute, you just mention swearing off "diet", what about "regular" sodas?

My friend loves Dr. Pepper, I really think she's addicted to it, anyway, this one time she decided she was going to quit, however, she had a six-pack of them left so she sat there and drank them all. Needless to say, she fell off the wagon pretty quick!

And all those high-sugar fruit juices too! Amy have you ever heard of a connection between using those artificial sweetners and dementia or alzheimers? Someone mentioned that to me before.
I haven't heard of a connection but that doesn't mean they haven't found one. I have quit reading up on dementia studies for a while. I was obsessed when dad was first diagnosed and read everything I could find. The last thing I did happen to see was that they are looking at a connection between diabetes/blood sugar issues and Alzheimer's disease. Some are even calling Alzheimer's "type 3 diabetes" now. Here is an article from the NY Times about it that was published last year:

Remember, glucose is fuel for your brain so any time you have a big change in glucose levels you are affecting your brain function. So it makes sense.


My son made this for me:
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