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A Major argument is going on in England now, as to where Richard should be formally burried and how.

One Group is saying that as he died in Leicestershire and has been burried there for more then 500 years, he should be reintured in the closest Cathedral.

But a second Group has arrisen that say that since he was the last plantagenet, the longest Dynastic House of our Monarchic past, he should be returned to where that house was based, in York, and thus be burried in York Minster, which is the seat of the second most senior clergy person in the Church of England, The Archbishop of York.

A third group are saying that, as Royalty, and as he was so crudely burried before, he is actually entitled to a State Funeral. As such he would be taken to the Highest Royal Pecculiar in the land, Westminster Abbey.

Can you imagine a State Funeral being held for a Monarch whose been dead longer then half a Millenia

There is noone around now that remembers him
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