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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I didn't watch the Super Bowl, so Matt's blog was the first time I'd seen it. Really well done.

I haven't seen the Budweiser one, but I did have the misfortune of watching that disgusting GoDaddy commercial. It was horrible.
I didn't watch the super bowl either, but got all the info i needed off of facebook later that night-----clydesdale commercial and God made a farmer commercial were best, the score of the game, there was a blackout and go daddy had their typical porn-esque, sexist vomit------so i just youtubed the clydesdale and ram commercials

This is the original version of the farm commercial from about a year and a half ago and it is much better in my opinion, but only cause it is full length

here are to other of my favortie farmer vids made by some Christian bros who actually farm in real life:
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