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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Was he a Lannister or a Baratheon?

He WAS a Yorkist...but he stole power from the True Yorkist...a Teenaged Boy of fifteen, and his poor Mother, hid in Westminster abbey...until Richard decided to take "Care" of the boy


...and then Richard Crowned himself.

Pure Yorkist...YES...BUT...the True Yorkists hated him so much, they'd rather do deals with there Rivals...and that plot worked. Richard was killed, and a Lancastrian took the Throne...Called Tudor infact...the founder of a long Dynasty.

York was married into the family as compensation for committing treason against Richard and thus allowing Lancaster to win.

There is a movement in England known as "The Richard III Society" they believe that poor Richard was portrayed horribly, and that there is no proof he murdered Edward, or Charlie...oh...he took THREE boys in total.

Personally...I think he killed them all to take power...he killed his own family to take personal power. He wasnt the right Yorkist to rule, and his actions cost the Yorkists the war of the Roses....The White Rose of the House of York is still the Symbol for this whole Area (Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and West Yorkshire) the Red Rose is still the Symbol of the area surrounding Lancaster Known as Lancashire. The Tudor Rose has a White Rose within a Red Rose, as the two houses Merged under marriage...but in terms of the Patriarchal line...the Male line, was Lancaster...hence why the Red Rose is on the outside and biggest...and the smaller White rose inside.

York as a City and an area is still more famous and more influential ironically. But because of that, many Brits wrongly assume that either the war was won by York, or the marriage was a comming together of an ideology, a political settlement...but it wasnt, it was a condition of Lancastrian success...if York helps Lancaster beat the wrongful Yorkist King, they MUST be united with the Successful Royal House.

It was the Mother of Edward, and the Mother of Tudor, who organised this.

Yeah...who says its the men that lead the household. These two women changed History.
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