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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
speaking of conspiracy theories .. it is much easier to have the NFL set up the harbaughs in the finals ... LOL ... i think the niners will win ... the baltimore defense is good, but kaepernick is fast and should be able to get around them .... should be a good game though!
Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I guess I'll root for the Ravens, but I'll be happy for either team in the end so long as it's a good game.
Super Bowl XLVII:

Yeah, speaking of conspiracy theories, what about the timing of that power outage! It was like someone wanted to break the momentum of the Ravens' 28-6 lead! And things did begin looking bleak after the lights finally came back on until the Ravens finally stopped the 49ers' run and goal attempts at the very end and got the ball back. I didn't breathe easy until those last 4 seconds went to zero...the stress of it all!

Congrats to John Harbaugh and the Ravens, and to Joe Flacco who got Superbowl MVP!

Score: 34-31

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