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Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar

Round 1:
Steve Mazagatti is our referee for this featherweight title fight. Edgar fires off first, connecting with a leg kick. Aldo answers with a snapping kick to the body. Stiff jab lands for Aldo. Edgar pumps his jab. Inside leg kick lands for Edgar. Aldo finds a home for his jab. And again. Straight from Aldo backs up Edgar. Edgar eats another series of jabs. Edgar presses forward with a combination but Aldo dodges everything. Chants of "AL-DO! AL-DO!" rain down from the crowd. Chants of "FRANKIE! FRANKIE!" answer them back. Aldo connects with a looping shot off his back foot. Huge leg kick cracks into Edgar. And another. Edgar tosses out a front kick. Aldo responds with a head kick that barely misses. Blood is leaking from Edgar's nose.

Round 2:
Aldo answers the bell with a wide smile draped across his face. Edgar fires off a salvo inside the pocket. Aldo slips most of the shots and answers with a straight counter. Edgar launches a kick into Aldo's lead leg. Aldo again finds a home for his jab during an exchange. Edgar shoots for a takedown but its stuffed. Massive leg kick stumbles Edgar. Another one lands, evoking memories of Faber-Aldo. Edgar's lead leg is badly battered already. Another one. Aldo is grinning. Edgar presses forward. Wild flying knee misses for Aldo. Edgar clinches, then releases and misses a high kick. Edgar connects with a right, catches a kick and slams Aldo to the mat. Aldo quickly leaps back to his feet. Edgar eats a pair of stiff jabs.

Round 3:
Edgar immediately catches a kick, but fails to drags Aldo to the mat. Incredible takedown defense from the champ. Edgar starting to open up with his strikes. Aldo fires off a right hand. Huge kick crushes into Edgar's jaw. Somehow Edgar is unfazed. Edgar continues to paw out his jab. Aldo eats a few short shots then misses a counter. Edgar finds a home for a stinging leg kick. And another. Aldo noticeably less aggressive this round. Edgar pressures forward with a pair of flush combinations. Aldo answers with a leg kick. Edgar changes levels but Aldo shrugs off the takedown like it's nothing. Edgar again attacks the inside leg of Aldo. Kick to the midsection lands for Edgar.

Round 4:
Edgar still light on his feet, stalks forward, catching Aldo with a pair of leg kicks. Spinning back kick crunches into Edgar's midsection. Aldo blocks a head kick. Another exchange but nothing lands flush. Edgar pumps his jab. Edgar charges in for a takedown. Aldo shakes it off but eats a few punches in the process. Edgar's face is bruised, nose busted open, but he's relentless. Edgar connects with a counter uppercut. Edgar closes the distance and successfully slams Aldo to the mat. Aldo jumps to his feet but Edgar has his back. Edgar working short knees. Edgar separates and circles out. Edgar scores with a leg kick. Jumping knee misses wildly for Aldo. Chants of "U! S! A!" rain down from the crowd.

Round 5:
And this it. Both fighters touch gloves. Edgar tosses out a high kick that is blocked. Aldo pumps his jab. Edgar pressures forward, connecting with a straight left followed by a leg kick. Aldo misses another wild flying knee. Edgar grasps for a single but Aldo wants none of it. Spinning back kick lands for Edgar. Aldo slips a punch and clips Edgar with a short left. Edgar ties up then catches Aldo with a shot out of the break. Edgar finds a home for a pair of kicks to Aldo's lead leg. Edgar undoubtedly the aggressor this round. Aldo eats a combination. The crowd swells sensing the change in momentum. Inside leg kick connects for Edgar. Aldo briefly stuns Edgar with a counter right hand. Edgar fires back with a flurry. And another. Aldo leaps out of the way of a leg kick and smiles. Edgar tags Aldo with a straight right. Aldo rockets off the cage and launches a shot into Edgar's jaw. Great fight. Could come down to that third round.

Jose Aldo def. Frankie Edgar via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47) to retain UFC featherweight title
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