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Alistair Overeem vs. Bigfoot Silva

Round 1:
Referee Herb Dean is the man in charge. Silva tosses out a lead leg kick. Overeem lunges forward with a jab. Overeem ties up and unloads a knee to the body. Silva circles out. Jab-uppercut combination misses for Overeem. Big right hand connects on Silva's jaw. Overeem clinches, working short knees against the fence. Silva muscles out. Overeem feigns a few takedowns. Silva misses with a wild head kick. Back against the fence, Overeem in control. Overeem backs up, hands down, chin up, showing complete disregard for Silva. Hard knee to the body finds a home on Bigfoot's midsection. Overeem cracks Silva with a leg kick, Silva answers in kind. Overeem muscles Silva against the cage. More Overeem knees from the clinch. Silva ducks under a spinning back kick. Overeem cracks Silva with a counter uppercut.

Round 2:
Bigfoot opens with a leg kick, Overeem answers with a stiff jab. Overeem clinches then tosses Silva to the mat, landing in side control. Big elbow lands for Silva from the bottom. Overeem postures up, lands a hard shot, then works the body with short hooks inside Silva's guard. Silva kicks Overeem off, but Overeem closes the distance and lunges back into Silva's guard. Huge hammerfist crashes into Silva's skull. Overeem postures up and lands a short right hook. Overeem unloads a flurry. Silva tries to scramble out but Overeem stifles him. Overeem stands, and Herb Dean allows Silva to stand. Silva connects with a hard uppercut, followed by a knee. Overeem on wobbly legs but the horn sounds.

Round 3:
Both fighters look for a takedown early. Silva launches a huge kick into directly into the jaw of Overeem. Oh wow, Overeem is in trouble. Silva swarms. Overeem trying to fire back. Silva lunges forward with a right hand, and another. Huge salvo of uppercuts! Overeem is out on his feet. Another right hand and Overeem plummets to the canvas. Herb Dean jumps in to pry Silva off. Silva rushes back to Overeem, standing over his foe and yelling loudly. Crazy finish here in Las Vegas.

UFC 156 results: Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva def. Alistair Overeem via TKO (strikes) at 0:25 or round 3.

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