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Jon Fitch vs. Demian Maia

Round 1:
Kim Winslow is the referee in charge. Maia immediately drops levels and drags Fitch to the mat. Maia swings onto Fitch's back. Fitch stands, wearing a Maia backpack with an arm trying to sink under his neck. Maia staying patient, looking for his hooks. The Brazilian crowd in attendance erupts in support of their countryman. Fitch content to slowly pry Maia's arms away from his neck. Fitch grabs wrist control on Maia's left arm. Maia gives up and falls back to his feet. Maia drags Fitch back onto the ground. Fitch stands, and after a blatant fence grab, finds himself back on the mat. Maia clinging to Fitch's back with a body triangle clenched around his stomach. Maia is in complete control here.

Round 2:
Fitch agressive early, misses with a wild knee. Hard left hand cracks Fitch on the jaw. Maia ducks under a straight punch and wrestles Fitch to the mat. It's short lived, as Fitch retakes his feet in the ensuing scramble. Maia ties up and works Fitch to the ground, seizing Fitch's back. Maia looks to slither an arm under Fitch's neck. He sinks one in. Fitch is in trouble. Maia with a body triangle locked around Fitch. Fitch muscles out of the choke, but he's still in bad shape. Maia patiently creeping arms around Fitch's throat, with Fitch peeling them off in workmanlike fashion. Fitch tries to spin out but fails. Maia still hunting for the choke as the horn sounds.

Round 3:
"F--k all the technique," Bob Cook shouts from Fitch's corner, urging his fighter to bring out the "junkyard dog." Fitch quickly nails Maia with an inside leg kick, but Maia uses the opportunity to clinch up. Maia working for a takedown against the fence. Maia takes Fitch's back, and in no time at all we're back where we've been for the past two rounds, with Fitch on the floor and Maia hooked onto his back. Fitch rolls but nothing gives. Fitch claws his way up, only to have Maia immediately shoot back in. Fitch grasps for a guillotine. Maia is suddenly on the defensive. Fitch unloads a big shot from top position. Maia scrambles to his feet, and once again, finds himself latched onto Fitch's back. Fitch stays patient and eventually frees up. He can't mount any offense though, as Maia wastes little time taking him down. Maia works to Fitch's back, and Fitch throws his arm up in frustration. Maia advances to mount as the round comes to a close. Fun fight. Dominant fight.

Demian Maia def. Jon Fitch via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
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