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Joseph Benavidez vs. Ian McCall

Round 1:
Referee Steve Mazzagatti oversees the action. McCall ties Benavidez up against the fence, cracking him with a shot out of the break. McCall eats a kick to the lead leg and answers with a counter. Big body kick lands for McCall. Benavidez stalks forward then finds his mark with a combination. Stiff counter left hook clips McCall, and a wide smile spreads across his face. Low blow by Benavidez. McCall shakes it off and we're back. Another hard counter staggers McCall back. Both fighters trade flurries. McCall blocks a head kick then misses with a wild counter. Hard knee from McCall connects on Benavidez's chest. Benavidez barely slips a looping punch. Blood trickles down Benavidez's forehead as the round comes to a close.

Round 2:
McCall bouncing on his heels. Benavidez cracks him with a loud kick to the body. Front kick misses for McCall. Benavidez charges forward and misses wildly. McCall connects with a kick on Benavidez's lead leg. Benavidez pushes McCall back with a salvo. McCall starts giggling while in the clinch, his back pressed against the cage. Benavidez backs out but promptly eats a stiff jab. Head kick misses for Benavidez. McCall ducks under a takedown then briefly seizes Benavidez's back. McCall advances to mount in the ensuing scramble, before working to Benavidez's back. Benavidez stands but McCall is still draped on him. Uncle Creepy might have won the round with that late push.

Round 3:
Final round and both me still look fresh. Benavidez immediately staggers McCall with a crushing right hand. McCall regains his bearings quickly and smiles. Benavidez presses forward with a body kick. Benavidez drops McCall briefly as both men kick simultaneously, but it looked like a slip. McCall ducks under a wild right. Good kick to the body by Benavidez. McCall nods in agreement. McCall changes levels and gets the takedown. Benavidez scrambles then quickly retakes his feet. 90 seconds to go and this could be anyone's round. Benavidez connects with an inside leg kick. McCall swings wildly and misses. Benavidez slaps a kick across McCall's body. McCall answers with a right hand. One last exchange closes out the fight.

UFC 156 results: Joseph Benavidez def. Ian McCall via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
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